Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My card's I'm working on

I got a kit from stampin up it's a card kit. it makes four cards. have one done.
I'm also working on a box that I got at Michael's after I finish the box I will take pictures and post them. got alot to post hopeful in a few day's I will make a post.

I'm also going to cover a cigar box so I can add the cards I make in them. I just starting working on them with this kit and I like making them so I know I will be making lots more now. then I will have a place to store them until I need to give one to someone..

I have a basket with unfinished projects and ideas I started on. does anyone have a basket or something where they have unfinished projects? I think I might work on that after I finish the cards and boxes.

I think that is all for my update for now. I will post the pictures in a few day's..
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